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  • Autographs
    Autographs, authentic and copies, of Titanic passengers and survivors.
  • Blueprints
    Titanic Blueprints can be a wonderful addition to your memorabilia collection. Display them behind glass on a wall or store them for reference when needed.
  • Books
    There are an endless array of books about the Titanic available. It doesn't matter whether you're after the more popular accounts or a more rare volume, you can pick up a bargain Titanic book here.
  • Coins
    An array of Titanic coins are available here, such as reproductions of the medals minted for the Carpathia crew; the coins minted as part of the survivor relief effort, as well as other commemorative editions over the years.
  • Crystal Memorabilia
    You can find everything here from crystal vases memorialising the Titanic to reproductions of the ornaments found in first class aboard the Titanic. Go no further for Titanic Crystal Memorabilia.
  • Harland & Wolff Memorabilia
    Harland & Wolff were the shipbuilders for the White Star Line, including the ill-fated Titanic. There are many items of interest popplng up from the era when Titanic was constructed in their yards. Give your collection an extra dimension with Harland and
  • Model Ships
    The Titanic is a perfect subject for ship modellers. Big, small, in wood and tin, working and for display, there are all types of Titanic Model Ships available. Models of the Titanic can even be found in kit form. If you've ever wanted a model of the Tita
  • Mugs
    One of the most subtle ways of showing your love of all things Titanic is to buy a mug or cup. You can have a mug emblazoned with the ship, survivors, or the White Star Line logo. It's a great conversation starter!
  • Music
    If you've ever wanted the CD of the movie, or other music dedicated to the Titanic you can buy it here.
  • Newspapers
    The newspapers found out about the Titanic sinking almost before the owners did. There were numerous accounts published on both sides of the Atlantic. Own your piece of history with a genuine or reproduction Titanic Newspaper.
  • Photos
    Photos of the Titanic are rare due to her short life. Even now, photos which were in private collections are finding their way back onto the market. You can find an array of photos here for your Titanic Memorabilia collection.
  • Pins
    Having a Titanic Commemorative pin is a great way to be discreet while still showing your respect for the survivors and their families. Wear it with pride, while knowing you have a unique piece of memorabilia.
  • Postcards
    Titanic Postcards come in all shapes and forms. They were mass-produced after the sinking, and there are many available. Uniquely, many of the postcards supposedly of the Titanic are of other ships. See if you can pick the ring-ins!
  • Posters
    Titanic Posters come in all shapes and forms, from blueprints through to advertisements for the movies. Find them all here and more...
  • Reproduction Fine China
    The patterns for the fine china aboard the Titanic were well-known, and they were used aboard her sistership Olympic. For this reason you can still get reproductions of the fine china used in first class even today.
  • Tickets
    You can now get reproductions of the actual tickets sold to Titanic passengers. They have been lovingly reproduced from the original White Star Line artwork for their Atlantic Liners. See more here....
  • Tin Memorabilia
    Before the days of plastic most posters and storage boxes made to last were made of tin. The majority of items that have lasted memorialising the Titanic have been of tin. You can find them here, often with discounted prices.
  • Titanic Coal Memorabilia
    The debris field around the Titanic Wreck is littered with coal. Much of it has been brought, once again, to the surface and crafted into memorabilia. You can find many unique samples of crafted memorabilia from coal here.
  • Titanic Costumes
    Wear a reproduction piece of Titanic clothing to your next fancy dress! It will impress all those around you, and you'll feel as elegant as the millionaires that stepped aboard the ill-fated Liner.
  • Titanic Movies and Documentares
    There are dozens of Titanic Movies and Documentaries available to watch. If you want to get caught up in the story of the ship's sinking, or find out more about what happened, then check out what you can get at bargain prices right here.
  • Wreck Memorabilia
    Interest resurged in the Titanic when the wreck was finally located by Robert Ballard. There is much memorabilia available about the wreck, from books, to dioramas, to photographs. Find them, and more, here.

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