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The newspapers in New York were the first to break the news of the sinking of the Titanic to the world. One editor had received his information via the same Marconi messages which were forwarded to the White Star Line. The editors knew about the distress calls, and about the Carpathia steaming to the aid of the distressed ship well in advance of a more accurate account. Captain Rostron, aboard Carpathia had made the decision to limit the news to lists of survivors, and no one could get through.

In the days before the Carpathia arrived in New York , the more reputable press and the yellow press kept the story going, making up news where none was available. Captain Rostron aboard. Some of the stories were exaggerated to the extreme, and all of these press releases helped build the legend that is now Titanic.

These newspapers remain available today, and they are a fascinating read, as both how the news broke, and attitudes of the day. You can find both originals and reproductions of the headline Titanic newspapers on this page.

Poster Print: Titanic Great Loss Of Life Newspaper Boy

Poster Print: Titanic Great Loss Of Life Newspaper Boy

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