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Not many people realise that the Titanic was the second of three Atlantic liners built by the White Star Line to take on the rival Cunard Line. Her plans were very similar to the RMS Olympic, her older sister ship. They were not the same, though.

The changes made were, for the most part subtle, and were as a direct result of operational observations of the Olympic in service. The most visible change was the spray screen on the promenade deck. This visually set the Titanic apart from the Olympic, and her private promenade decks for the First class passengers gave her extra space, and made her the largest moving object on the planet.

Titanic's blueprints are fascinating to look at, and great to have on a wall, or within easy reach for cross-checking. You'll find an array of Titanic Blueprints right here for the serious Titanic enthusiast.


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